Let’s Spread Washington’s Wealth, Part II


Western_Lands_Policy-011-1024x538Since my post yesterday on moving government jobs out of Washington, Jeb Bush has come out in favor of the idea, specifically with regard to the Department of the Interior. It’s likely we were both just thinking along the same lines already, but just to be on the safe side, I’m going to assume the Governor is an avid reader of this blog. Welcome, Governor Bush!

One thought on “Let’s Spread Washington’s Wealth, Part II

  1. In light of yesterday’s comments by Rep. Blum, I innocently tweeted out some agreement about DC needing a recession… Whoo boy some people in DC (& some random Dems in the hinterlands) were not enthused with the idea. Despite reams of data pointing to how rich the city & region are compared to just about everywhere else, people do not like the idea. I was specifically pointing to your (& others) plan of moving some cabinet jobs to other areas. Many did not like the idea.

    Out of the theoretical and into the real world, considering my prediction for November – a third Obama term, I’m not confident in this ever happening, much less the next four years. But…has any Congressman ever really proposed some legislation along these lines rather than just throwing some red meat about DC needing a recession?

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