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  1. Mark Bigley

    In regards to your nearsighted comments on Lee and the south. I’m not sure where you learned your history, but it could not have been from period sources. Let was just a man like the rest of us but he never saw himself as more than this, except perhaps being overconfident at Gettysburg, unless it was the dysentery he at at the time interferin g with mental clarity. You misunderstand the issue of sovereignty-that-sovereignty is God given, not bestowed upon a government and that the people of the states did not give their sovereignty away to a general government. When a growing centralized majority sets up an economic system as st forth in the Morrill Tariff of 1860 similar to the Tariff of Abominations of 1820 which taxed southern exports (and the resulting imports) between 39 to 51%, and the money goes as corporate welfare (which is unconstitutional by the way) to subsidize northern industry and the fishing industry, I would say the cause of secession would be justifies. The terrify forced southerner’s to buy inferior protectionist Yankee made farm machinery because the English superior mechanized products were taxed out of sight. Then when northern states would do nothing to stop abolishiomists from raising terrorist groups to invade the south to kill southern civilians for the safety of her people, the south also sought secession. Slavery was supported by the north even during the war when at the Hampton Roads Peace talks in 1864, Lincoln would have allowed slavery to continue in the South but not expand to the north or west if the South would come back into the Union. Had the Union League (bet you never heard of them) had not armed bands of Freedmen during Deconstruction, and create violence against people of color and whites, to control the Republican voting block Forrest never would have retaliated and Jim Crow wouldn’t have existed. The Founders and Framers knew the ambitions of men and the evil that a consolidated centralized government would morph into. Sovereignty is the central issue. When one or a group fails to honor the sovereignty of another, either ethnic cleansing (the real reason for the war and for what is going on now) will happen or war will result. May I suggest that you read some non revisionist works. Culturally, when one culture is subjugated like the suth has been to the north, the subjugated culture will look for heroes like Lee who faced overwhelming odds as the war was one of attrition. The war was a war over secession. Read John Tilley’s work, “Lincoln Takes Command” and Albert Bledsoe’s work, “Is Secession Treason?” Bledsoe’s work is so profound that no Yankee lawyer would try Jefferson Davis for treason. Dr. Donald Livingston’s world on The Constition is well grounded and resourced. My father taught me that when one points a finger at another, that person has 3 fingers pointing at himself. If you erase American (southerner’s are Americans even between 1861-65) then you allow the centralized nation state to become despotic enough for the Marxists (yes, read about Saul Alinsky, Clinton and Obama) to have their way. It’s all about sovereignty. I don’t think I’ll give up mine just yet.

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