One thought on “It Belongs in a Museum

  1. b.a. freeman

    sadly, i believe that U are correct about antiquities in muslim countries. such treasures are not in danger from *radical* islam, however; they are in danger from islam itself. recep erdogan, the dictator of turkey, studied in madrassas in turkey, and knows islam well; he remarked just a few years ago that there is no moderate or radical islam; there is only islam. and if U look at it closely, U will find that it is a repulsive cult of piracy, rape, murder, child molestation, and brutality.

    it was decided early on in islam that because science “questions” allah, who is not to be questioned, science must be blasphemy. in a similar fashion, art and music detract from contemplation of allah, so they, too are blasphemous. history, too, is a study of something not about allah or islam, so it was also found to be blasphemous. besides the “idolatry” aspect, this is yet another reason for devout muslims to destroy ancient artifacts. and of course, the penalty for blasphemy is death.

    it might be a good idea to remove endangered artifacts from the locales from which they originated in order to protect them, but where would these be going? if they went to the Louvre, how long would it be before a devout muslim made special arrangements to destroy it and all the kufr in the vicinity? they have already captured one terrorist trying to enter the Louvre. how about the British Museum? the government already has more known terrorists to track than they can handle, so i fear that statues, paintings, and manuscripts will not exactly be safe there, either.

    other countries would fare little better. almost all nations have allowed immigration of muslims with few or no background checks. most of those muslims will not rush out immediately upon arrival to kill kufr (infidels), but when pious muslims among them do “martyr” (murder makes that use of the word a repugnant oxymoron) themselves, the non-violent muslims will do little or nothing to stop them or to help the police investigate the crime.

    we are witnessing the decline and fall of civilization. there has never been an “islamic civilization;” rather, the pirate cult conquers a victim state and uses its tools, talents, and populace to continue the assault on civilization in other countries. there is nothing redeeming about this vile criminal mental disease. i do not believe that the leftists running most countries are actually so stupid as to believe that islam is not utterly evil; i believe instead that the hard-core leaders among them are allowing muslims to run rampant to destabilize society so that leftist-run governments can impose permanent states of martial law. the ultimate blockade they will face, however, is most likely going to be a violent indigenous muslim population taking up arms against their leftist state; my money is on the muslims, who have always been raised in a gang culture.

    given the warfare, destruction, and likely mass deaths coming soon in virtually all countries, i suspect that in 300 years time, little will be known about western civilization, let alone those that came before, because the world will be islamic, brutal, and perpetually at war with the latest incarnation of “hypocrites,” which is what muhammed called those who were not willing to lie, steal, rape, murder, and brutalize like him.

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