One thought on “Hutchinson, Clinton, and Moore

  1. reba reed

    A cogent article/argument. If I were left with the choice between a man you was accused of doing something 40 years ago (in light of the above article) and a man who will do everything in his power to add to the number of murdered babies today hands down I would choose the former. I also know that people lie for political reasons ie. Harry Reid lied about Romney then smirked about it saying it worked; we won. Politics are mean and dirty and always have been.

    I know many human beings including myself who did very sinful things years ago and would not like to be held to account for them. The question is are they currently doing it today. When does the statues of limitations kick in? In addition, God himself didn’t decide on lawless vs righteous; his only choice was and is the lawless man allowing kings to reign who were (and are) openly and currently evil and used them, he did not destroy them using them for his own reasons.. He will judge in his own good time. Thanks for listening.

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