Sandwich Twitter II: The Baconing


My last bizarre voyage into Sandwich Twitter was back in June and was enough to keep me away for a while. This time, however, Jess Epstein (@jessepstein a/k/a Sandwich Lady) published an excerpt from her venerable Depression-era cookbook that looked good enough to try, so I’m back for Sandwich Twitter II: The Baconing.

At first glance, the recipe appears to be a take on the classic British sandwich, the Bacon Butty, of which I’m already a big fan. This being America, the author went and added some cheese. That makes sense: cheese makes everything better.

The name is a bit flamboyant, but the recipe seems simple enough. I assembled the ingredients, which were already things I had in the house.

I assumed the “mustard” here meant ground mustard, not the condiment. Since I’m cooking for one, I halved the recipe. I pre-heated the oven and mixed the spread, and topped with bacon as directed.

Seven minutes in the toaster oven produced the result:

My first reaction was that I like my bacon a little more well done than that, but it was mostly OK. The cheese and bacon, unsurprisingly, was a good combination. Given those two ingredients, you can probably leave out the salt, but even with it, it wasn’t excessively salty.

It’s a rich sandwich with cheap ingredients, the sort of thing you’d expect from a 1930s cookbook. And it was actually really good! I ate it open-faced, though I suspect regular-style would work OK, too. The mustard flavor added some complexity, but I’m not sure I tasted the paprika.

The verdict: give it a try. If you like bacon and cheese, you can’t go wrong here. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s an upgrade on a standard bacon sandwich that will make for a tasty, filling lunch. ✮✮✮✮✩