Sessions’s New Drug War


I wrote about Jeff Sessions’s old-school approach to drug crime and the problems it entails. Check it out at The Federalist.

One thought on “Sessions’s New Drug War

  1. George Drakey

    Your drug article fails to suggest or demonstrate where drug treatment in lieu of jail time has produced any greater or beneificial results. I recently read there were nearly 50,000 deaths last year as a result of taking opiods.

    Also, the govertment determines through the school lunch programs what ia to be ingested by our children, and in the end results in more garbage, as children choose to not eat what is required.

    Eric Holder”s approach has certainly not reduced drug usage but enable drug dealers to return to their old habits.

    What punishment would you recommend for the drug dealer/seller, if your middle or high school child dies as a result of drug overdose?

    Somewhere, many people such as yourself fail to look at the total impact drug sales and usage has on our country.

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